RB801 – Manual Roadbook Holder (Main Unit Only)


Manual Roadbook holder, now with LED backlight powered by USB

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Manual Roadbook holder, now with LED backlight powered by USB

In stock

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RB801 – Manual Roadbook Holder, the next generation of our well known RB701, now lighter and with USB powered LED backlight included.

  • Manual Roadbook holder designed for on-road motorcycle riding
  • Revolutionary lighting system that does not create shadow on the paper, powered via magnetic plug
  • Hybrid body and cover built in aluminum and stainless steel for high mechanical resistance
  • Highly transparent and scratch resistant polycarbonate screen
  • Holds 45mm paper rolls – approx. 60 x A5 sheets of paper
  • High resistance to water and dust, ideal for use in harsh conditions
  • Ergonomic knobs, easy to operate while wearing gloves
  • Mounting system compatible with industry standard AMPS hole pattern


Dimensions: 170x124x65 mm (excluding knobs)

Weight: 450 gr. (excluding mount)

Package includes: roadbook holder, cover and LED backlight with USB cable.


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