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Nowadays, H3D has three business areas. The first and the main one, is the online store that sells, exclusively and specifically, products for roadbook navigation and rally raid.Secondly, has the aim to assist and rent navigation equipment for our customers in several races and events around the world.The third area is the prototyping, giving H3D customers the opportunity to produce a rally part that came from their idealization to fit their needs.H3D – Rally Raid Reason brand sell exclusively products for Rally Raid racing or adventure riding, also offers a wide range of products for all type of roadbook and GPS riding.H3D has its own inventory in most of products and brands such as ICO Tripmaster, RNS, Migtec Roadbook holders, F2R Roadbook Holders and others.

H3D offers on its online rally raid store all spares and accessories for main Motorcycle Roadbook Brands.

H3D sells also its own brand and products such as Roadbook holder brackets and mounts.

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AJP PR7 was designed to reach further without compromising reliability and riding pleasure regardless what path you choose, even for Rally Raid. So H3D in a partnership with AJP and F2R developed a complete Roadbook Rally Set specific for the PR7

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