HOBBY Navigation Bundle



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RB850 Rally - Electric Roadbook Holder (Main unit only)

Electrical roadbook holder for the most demanding riding

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ICO002 - ICO Racing Rallye MAX-G™

The ICO Racing all-in-one product! GPS-based compass repeater and rally odometer.

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H3D010 - H3D Support bracket for F2R roadbooks and Tripmasters

Aluminum support bracket for F2R Roadbook Holders

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RMS001 - Universal Navigation Clamps

Billet aluminum clamps to mount navigation equipment (ex: roadbook holder, ICO)

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RMS004 - RMS001 universal clamps adaptor for 22mm handlebars (pair)

Optional - To use with 22mm handlebar size

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PB001 - Rallye Power Box

Compact solution to easily supply power to all your navigation equipment!

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RB752 - Remote switch for all F2R roadbook holders

Remote switch kit for F2R electric roadbooks

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RB712 – 12mm clamps set

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This kit is specially developed for riders with little experience that are looking for a complete set, including everything that is indispensable to run in roadbook navigation races.

This HOBBY navigation bundle is composed by:

  • RB850 Rally – Electric Roadbook with paper rolls thickness capacity untill 55mm;
  • One ICO002 – ICO Rallye MAX – G, adjustable odometer with GPS technology that displays CAP, speedometer or can be used as a backup odometer;
  • H3D010 bracket fixes the items above;
  • RMS001 Universal Navigation Clamps;
  • PB001 – Rallye POWER BOX, that simplifies all the electric installation, allowing supply to all the navigation equipment, through a single connection to the motorcycle battery;
  • RB752 – Remote switch for RB850 Rally;
  • RB712 – 12mm clamps set.



There are some other available accessories that allow a complement to the proposed bundle.


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