ENTRY Navigation Bundle



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RB850 Rally - Electric Roadbook Holder (Main unit only)

Electrical roadbook holder for the most demanding riding

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RB744 – GPS/smartphone mounting bracket for RB850 Rally

Upper GPS or Smartphone mounting bracket for RB850 Rally

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H3D003 - ORBIS universal Roadbook mount

ORBIS universal roadbook mount for central mounting on any handlebar (22, 28 or 32 mm)

RB712 – 12mm clamps set

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RB823 - Integrated connection box

Concentrates power and remote roadbook holder cables connections

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RB752 - Remote switch for all F2R roadbook holders

Remote switch kit for F2R electric roadbooks

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This set is specially developed for riders that are looking for a new challenge, the roadbook navigation, allowing an easy and intuitive first contact with this activity.

The ENTRY navigation Bundle is composed by:

  • RB850 Rally – Electric Roadbook with paper rolls thickness capacity untill 55mm;
  • RB744 – GPS/Smartphone mounting Bracket, fixes roadbook and it may fix the odometer or GPS too;
  • H3D003 – ORBIS universal roadbook mount, with central fixation in any 22, 28 or 32mm handlebar;
  • RB823 – Concentrates power and remote roadbook holder cables connections (replaces the old model RB723);
  • RB752 – Remote switch to control roadbook holder.

(Mobile phone not included)

As an adjustable odometer, you can use our F2R Rally Tripmeter APP (available to Android) or other applications for smartphone (for example, RallyBlitz for IOS).

There are some other available accessories that allow a complement to the proposed bundle.



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