About us

H3D was stablished in 2015, starting with a new and revolutionary idea of creating a handlebar roadbook mount made from plastic materials in a 3D printer.

Starting from that point, new solutions for roadbook navigation had just flashed on our minds, giving us the chance to develop and prepare motorcycles for professional riders.

Overcoming obstacles and embracing the success of our initial idea, we have came to the decision that 3D printing must be a complement of our products and not the main production source. That way, we reach the perfect balance between a efficient production and reliability products.

Nowadays, we have three business areas. The first and the main one, is the online store that sells, exclusively and specifically, products for roadbook navigation and rally raid.

Secondly, we have the aim to assist and rent navigation equipment for our customers in several races and events around the world.

The third area is the prototyping, giving our customers the opportunity to produce a rally part that came from their idealization to fit their needs.

What keep us moving and believing in our project is the rally raid reason, that is based on an old passion for rally and in the crescent positive feedback from our customers.

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Meet Our Story

Henrique Lopes has been in the lead since the beginning of the project, being one of the founders and the actual CEO of H3D. He started riding motorcycles when he was very young and with that, the passion for rally raid and for the DAKAR grown inside him.

The will to develop parts led him to study mechanical engineering. After finishing his studies, he knew he had to start creating something that would bring innovation to this area.

As such, he applied the knowledge to start the company and boost the development of his ideas. Henrique has the aim to give everyone the chance to experience the roadbook navigation, proudly H3D is part of it.

Embracing his job, he had never stopped riding his own bike and navigating with his roadbook, allowing a better understanding of the market.

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